Urgent Care Philosophy

We have noticed a trend that more and more families are deciding to opt for immediate or urgent care visits for problems such as sore throats, ear aches, or injuries. Unfortunately we don't always receive timely or accurate documentation of your care, and treatments provided aren't always in line with the standards we strive for here in our office. In addition, you can expect out of pocket costs at these alternate providers to be almost double what you'd pay for a similar service in our office; for instance, a convenient throat culture to rule out strep at our office is approximately $60, whereas at an urgent care you will pay $100 or more.

We appreciate your need for convenient care - we can almost always accommodate a same day sick visit, and we recently broadened our walk in hours for throat cultures and immunizations. Our phone triage service and the doctor on call are available 24 hours a day to help you either keep your child comfortable until he or she can be seen the following day, or advise you the best place to seek immediate care, whether that is one of our local Emergency Departments or an after hours service. Our doctor on call can often even accommodate Sunday morning urgent visits.

When you see your primary physician for urgent concerns, you help maintain the continuity that has been the cornerstone of our practice, and we can continue providing excellent care for your growing family.