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Immunizations at Pittsford Pediatrics

2 months: Hepatitis B, Prevnar, Pentacel, Rotavirus

4 months: Hepatitis B (if not given at birth), Prevnar, Pentacel, Rotavirus

6 months: Prevnar, Pentacel, Rotavirus

9 months: Hepatitis B

12 months: Hepatitis A and Prevnar

15 months: MMR and Varicella

18 months: Pentacel

2 years: Hepatitis A

30 months: no regularly scheduled vaccines

3 years: no regularly scheduled vaccines

4 years: no regularly scheduled vaccines (unless the child will enter Kindergarten before age 5)

5 years: Kinrix (DTaP-Polio) and Proquad (MMR-Varicella)

6 -10 years: no regularly scheduled vaccines

11 years: Tdap and Meningitis

12 years: HPV

13 years: HPV

14 -16 years: no regularly scheduled vaccines

17 years: Meningitis, Meningitis B

18 years: Meningitis B



Physical examinations (well visits) are usually scheduled on a yearly basis, near a child's birthday month.  These appointments are valid for one year.  Starting at age 4, parents will receive a physical examination form for documentation purposes, and should retain this original.  We will begin transitioning to the new NYSED form for the 2020-2021 school year when it is required. The existing form will be used until that time. We encourage parents to make copies of this form for any agency requesting such information as we do not retain a copy in the office.  A $20 service charge for processing additional requests for this information will be required.

Vaccine Info

We at Pittsford Pediatrics strongly recommend the routine vaccination of your child. In recent years the number of vaccines that we administer to our children has increased significantly. Please know that we are confident that administering these multiple vaccines are not only safe, but necessary for the well being of your child. ALL of the vaccines we administer are preservative-free. All the doctors in the practice are both pediatricians and parents themselves. They vaccinate their children with every vaccine that is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Please see the entire routine vaccine schedule at www.aap.org 

5-2-1-0 Be a Healthy Hero to Your Kids
(Taken from BeAHealthyHero.org)

5 Fruits and Veggies Every Day

  • A serving is about the size of your child’s fist. Don’t require kids to “clean their plate” if they are no longer hungry.
  • Frozen or canned veggies and fruits are almost as good as fresh. Serve a variety of each throughout the year.
  • Rinse off the salt or sugar in canned veggies and fruit and wash fresh veggies and fruits.

2 Hours of Screen Time: TV’s and Computers

  • Kids and adults tend to eat mindlessly and larger quantities in front of the TV. Limit snacks and eat meals at the table.
  • Don’t put a TV in your child’s bedroom.
  • Monitor how much time children spend watching TV or on the computer.

1 Hour of Active Play:

  • This means kids working up a sweat and breathing hard, running and playing.
  • Find physical activities that your kids like to do that fit into your schedule and budget. Encourage them to try new activities.

0 Sweetened Beverages:

  • Many juices that are labeled “100% juice” have added sugar. Look at the label.
  • When kids drink sweetened juice, soda or sports drinks they often don’t drink enough water and milk. Serve low-fat milk—kids need it for their bones and teeth.